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-Tell me a couple of things about Paul.
I was born in Athens, I sign with different nicknames depending on the situation and I paint since the idea came to me.

-What’s your technique?
I am not very good at freehand drawing, so I choose to do stencils, because in a way, it’s like having an extra hand.

-Why did you decide to draw a hoodie?
I decided to do this drawing because the media provide us with a one-sided view of the hoodies, rioters and all those who supposedly destroy the properties of poor people. They present it in the way they want, they forge it as they want and there is no room for an alternative opinion or debate. The ‘hood’ represents so many things. It represents many different types of people whose voices are never heard in the media. You only see footage of ‘hoodies’ and then the news describes them whichever way they want.

-Why are you doing this?
Man, because I can’t stand this anymore. This ‘cleanliness’ and false decency… That everything must be snow-white and presented inside little boxes. All the stuff that isn’t inside these ‘little boxes’ is the stuff that needs to be spoken about. They say that “a clean wall hides a dirty consciousness”.

-What’s your opinion about the political situation in Greece today?
The citizens of this country are supposed to be living in some kind of democracy but the reality is that we live in a real dictatorship. Every day they terrorize you in one way or another, with their articles; their TV panels; their experts and in the end they try to prove that it’s the people who are stupid.

-Is political graffiti effective as a means of communication? Does it have a result?
I don’t think that when someone is in a hurry, going to his work or returning from it, that they have the luxury to ponder. Personally, I count on those subconscious
workings that take place when one sleeps and I hope that some of the things people see sink in. I obviously can’t take anyone by the hand and show them the way, because I alone don’t know the correct way. If we become many, the way might become clearer.