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-Who is MaPet?
I’ve been spray painting stencils during the last 6 years. My signature is MaPet. I work as a dentist, which is something that greatly helped me in painting stencils. By using my dental wheel I can cut the stencils quickly and easily.

-How did you come up with the dental wheel?
I used to cut my first ones with a cutter but I was finding it hard. I had my equipment in front of me every day and it suddenly came to me. I invented the wheel.

-Is it difficult to create a stencil?
As for the design, I either find it on the internet, or I make it. Then I print it, I plasticize it and then I cut it in my dentist’s office. The cutting process takes about 30 to 45 minutes and the cost is about one euro.

-How often do you paint? Is it dangerous?
I don’t need to organize myself in order to paint. For whichever reason I go out, whether it be for a stroll or to go for a drink, I always carry my stuff with me in a bag and I can paint anytime, whenever I find the right spot. The situation with the cops is very weird. Mostly they don’t bother with us. Of course it depends on the cop – what his priority is at that time, whether he wants to bust your balls, whether he wants to arrest you... I guess so far, I’ve been lucky.

-How would you define yourself politically?
I’m closer to the anarchists without necessarily being labelled as one. I simply believe theirs’ is a more fertile ground for action and collaboration.

-What’s your opinion about the political situation in Greece today?
In general, I am pessimist. I think that whatever change there’s going to be, it’s going to be a change for the worse. The only hope for positive change is if the
mentality and the way people think changes, at a grassroots level. A real change would be if 80% abstained from voting and instead went out onto the streets.

-What do you think about the media?
Ever since I can remember my own existence, television and, in recent years, the internet have been shaping public opinion, both all around the world and in Greece too. The media constantly sponsor the same three families who govern, together with their parties. It is they who, within a few months, just when we were at the peak of our fake prosperity, said that we were undergoing a crisis and suddenly we were all enveloped by it. Therefore, my goal is this, to produce counter-information and counter-propaganda against this enormous influence that is the Media in Greece. I know I can’t rain on their parade… but this is my goal; to do political stencils, to do propaganda on the street.

If you want to find out more about MaPet you can visit his blog at http://mapetstencils.wordpress.com/