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-Tell me a couple of things about Bleeps.
I use the pseudonym bleeps not only to describe myself but also the collective of people that consist my assistants. I would characterize what I do as "conceptual art in the public space".
-What’s the political message and social parallelisms that a woman holding a blood-stained sheet can carry?
The work is entitled "The Toll" and with this installation I am examining the fact that a nation seen through the figure of a young woman has offered all that it could, even its actual existence. However this nation is entrapped in a promise that comes and goes and this promise is expressed through the gilt dress

-Tell me one of your characteristics.
Usually in traditional graffiti we see words becoming images, what I try to do in the street is to create words through images thus opening a dialogue with the viewer.

-Is politicized street art effective?
I consider that it can intrigue the viewer to think, if it attracts their attention and they try to interpret what is "said" by the work

-What’s your opinion on the political situation in Greece today?
For me the political system is a bourgeois parliamentary democracy and the political authority with the political parties serve the interests of the bourgeois class because this class controls the system whatsoever. Under this status I could not accept that true democracy exists here because the citizens’ conciousness is being manipulated. The notion of free will is utopic.

-Has Greek the economic crisis affected the politicized street art in Athens?
In the past two years I have observed a quantitative increase in political graffiti. As a result there is an increase in the messages that are passed to the citizens. I don’t know if this can create a massive kind of reaction. However, it is a reality and this lends it a certain historical value.

If you want to find out more about Bleeps you can visit his blog at http://bleeps.gr/